Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tilt To Live is one of the few action arcade games that feels like it was made for the mobile from the ground up – and the results are great. You control a small, defenseless spaceship that is controlled by tilting the device.
The goal is to avoid the living red dots that move across the screen. The longer you avoid the the living reds dots, the more points acquired. It actually gets more interesting as items appear that give you temporary firepower, bombs, ice rays and such. More options unlock as higher scores are achieved. There are four different modes, but all come down to tilting your way to safety – and, like the equally old-school shooter Bit Pilot - expect your first game to last less than 7 seconds. Hardcore arcade fans will relish at the difficulty, and even the less experienced will have a great time riding Tilt To Live’s tough learning curve – even if it is through clenched teeth. A fun, genuine mobile game.For more details visit

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