Saturday, February 26, 2011


If you're wondering how a Jurassic Park game isoing to work I a point-and-click adventure, you should know thatTelltale plans to uphold its traditional character-driven storytelling, but Jurassic Park: The Game will play more like Heavy and furious Rain, where you'll be pushing and speed buttons that appear onscreen to get your character to interact with his or her environment.There is no inventory to manage, and you can move between characters to solve puzzles to advance the story. The demo introduced us to Gerry Harding, a chief veterinarian at the park (who had a small role in the film) and his young daughter as They try to make their way across the island while avoiding hungry dinosaurs on the loose.Our first challenge had us trying to get a three horned face to move out of the way so that our jeep could pass. Icons will appear onscreen to direct what you can do, whether it is pushing a creature out of the way to go ahead or looking for an alternate option. We were told that there is a good mixture of action,thrill  as well as quiet puzzle-solving moments,  You can die and will have to start from the beginning of the sequence.You'll also notice that the characters aren't as calculated and take on a more realistic look. The quality in animation has increased to make it feel like you're playing through a movie. While the game may play like Heavy Rain, where you have options to make decisions that will affect your character, the story will be linear. Similar to Back to the Future,  the game to cater to fans of the film, as well as gamers looking for a good romp through the park. The game is accessible for new gamers while maintaining the action and intensity of the films for anyone to enjoy. Be on the lookout when Jurassic Park: For more details visit

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