Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you want practical good usage and best performance at a budget price then the Samsung RV511 notebook has it all – and more. Its has stylish design, incorporating an ergonomic Island keyboard, looks like a top of the range model. With a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 315M graphics card its 39.62cm (15.6) HD LED
display produces the sharpest images and boldest colours, with the most accurate widescreen representation of movies and games.The addition of genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium* means everyday tasks are much simpler, and its unique Fast Start technology also lets you wake your notebook from sleep mode within seconds of opening the lid or pressing the power button. And with Samsung’s PhoneShare you can even connect to the Internet using your smartphone – so you can browse, socialize or send e-mails wherever you are. Designed for great valueAs affordable as it is powerful, the ultra-stylish RV511 delivers true value, combining good features with a best design. Its haptic-enhanced ergonomic capabilities make using
the RV511 both enjoyable and productive, while the solid white back, the eye-catching black diamond pattern or the stunning silver gradation with pattern makes sure you always stand out from the crowd. It’s exactly what you’re looking for – high-end design and high performance innovation, giving you more for less. Crafted for style and safetyBecause a life on the go can often trip you up, the Samsung RV511 was crafted to not let you down. In fact, its high quality craftsmanship extends as much to its exterior as to its high performance inner workings. Built to withstand bumps and knocks, the RV511 comes with a robust, durable casing designed to keep its contents safe and sound as well as reduce the risk of scratches and fingerprints. And its ergonomic, stylish design makes it as coolly eye-catching as it is reliable.

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